SCRAPS is an LGBTQ+ narrative skate film, the first of its kind.

Set in Livingston, Montana during the summer of 2003; a time where skateboarding is largely male-dominated and gay marriage has yet to be legalized. Apple iPods are replacing old mp3 players, Myspace was the only social media, and texting was not something teenagers relied on. 

Inspired by thought-provoking drama films Mid90s, Call Me By Your Name, and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - as well as recent sensations Young Royals and Heartstopper.

It’s never easy being a new outsider to a small town and the fear of our own unclear futures grips us all. However, striving for love’s connection, deep friendships, and gratitude for the memories we stumble upon is what makes the struggles of life worth cherishing. Full of cinematic beauty, teenage nostalgia, and surprising lessons, SCRAPS will rip and rebuild your heartstrings & inspire a new generation of small-town dreamers.


After the death of his mother, shy and artistic Gus Shepard (18) travels to Livingston, Montana to live with his absent, woodworking father, Dan Shepard (50s). However, he is quickly distracted by an attractive and rebellious skateboarder, Bridger Owens (18), whom Gus promises to build a handcrafted board for in exchange for skating lessons.  Romantic tension soon builds between the unlikely young friends while swimming, skating, sketching, and exploring the stunning nature around them. Max Stevens (22), the brash leader of the local skate crew, doesn’t like that Bridger spends increasingly more time with Gus and becomes jealous: hiding his own growing feelings towards his absent best friend. An effortlessly cool Skater Girl named Tara Shae also finds Gus intriguing, but unlike the other local boys, she finds kinship in Gus for his dreams of being an artist and escaping their small hometown. Tara senses in Gus that he may also be queer like her after noticing his blossoming deep friendship with Bridger. After a boozy bonfire party in the woods, a vulnerable conversation sparks intense feelings that both Gus and Bridger can no longer deny. The boys’ shared secret lessons and changes in demeanor start causing suspicion amongst their local friends and family. Their small town feels inescapable. When the boys notice leftover wood scraps from Dan’s carpentry shop, they decide to create a side business selling homemade boards around town. This leads to their relationship getting exposed and both boys must come clean. The pressures of hiding their truths, fitting in, and life-changing too fast causes Gus and Bridger’s fragile bond to fracture. The boys debate if life’s challenges are even worth their risks and struggle to find the next step forward before their picturesque summer’s end threatens to pull them apart.