Gus, 18, is a closeted boy from Minnesota who moves to Montana for the summer to work for his Uncle Dan’s woodworking business and save money for art college. He is shy, awkward, and spends most of his time drawing in his sketchbook or observing the world around him. Gus’s creative abilities become a bargaining chip to enter a new social circle in town when he begins to craft custom skateboards for some of the local riders. This is how he meets Bridger Owens.


Bridger, 17, is still trying to finish high school and figure out who he wants to be. All he knows is that he loves skateboarding. Bridger has it pretty easy. He has lots of cool friends, great looks, and a decent home life. Perhaps his biggest flaw is his repressed sexuality and bubbling internalized homophobia. Gus brings all these inner secrets out of Bridger, causing him to hit his breaking point. He wants to be a strong leader but is unsure if friends will support him after they discover his truth.


Tara Shae, 22, is a confident, snapback-wearing skateboarder who also loves math, coding, and computers. She has big dreams to leave Livingston, MT since graduating college and wants to work on the west coast. Effortlessly cool, Tara is every local skate guy’s dream girl, but she refuses to give those clowns the time of day. She was Max’s first girlfriend when they were young teens, but Tara reveals to Gus that… boys were never what she wanted. She teaches Gus how to be true to himself and build his own crew of friends that support the real him. 


MAX, 23, is the hotheaded leader of a local skate crew. Max’s pro-skating father passed away, leaving Max and his widowed mother in charge of The Livingston Skateshop. Max is obsessed with skateboarding and has hopes of leaving Montana for a life in a big city, but his dark past and domestic abuse keeps him from pursuing his dream. Max’s homophobic tendencies, make him a threat to Gus and Bridger as their relationship blossoms.


Gus’s Father Dan, 60, is a kind-hearted woodworker. The wrinkles in his hands show the tenacity and skill of a tireless artisan. He takes his coffee black — eggs, over easy. He’s a simple man who has figured out life’s little joys but is growing lonely in his old age. Dan supports Gus as he explores his sexuality and sees himself in him when Gus gains a knack for woodworking.


Be a part of the film! General casting for background actors and skateboarders.